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It’s an Anglo-Celtic Thing

I am an English Protestant with an Irish Catholic name. I was born in England and I have English parents, grandparents, and all but one English great-grand parents. The other great-grand parent was a Catholic Irishman named McCabe.  He joined the British Army as a drummer boy and served in India during the Raj.  He […]

Snappy Answers to Annoying Adoption Questions

When you are the parents of a child adopted from overseas, you often get asked well meaning but annoying questions.  Here is a guide to some snappy answers to a few of these questions. Q         Is his father Chinese? A         Yes, but don’t tell my husband.   Q         So where is he from? A         Mt […]

Floor Warden

How can the phone be ringing already at 9 am?  I just sent a threatening email to the whole building that usually guarantees peace for a few hours at least.  The first time it lasted several weeks. The call appears to be from Doug. He’ll be looking for a new floor warden.  The last floor […]

The Wellness Program

        To: Kevin McCabe Subject:  “Wellness in the Workplace” Campaign Posters Kevin, I have received and read your slogan suggestion for our posters. Either you are genuinely the least talented slogan writer in history, or (and I suspect this is the correct answer) you are not taking this seriously enough. Do you […]

Selection Criteria

Please answer the following Selection Criteria as part of your job application: 1)         Understanding of Customer Service requirements I have experience in understanding customer service requirements.  I have valuable skills at absorbing hatred and abuse while smiling inanely and working on my aneurism. 2)         Demonstrated ability to work in a team environment I have a […]

The Social Club Car Rally and Treasure Hunt

To:                  Kevin McCabe                                    Subject:          Social Club Car Rally and Treasure Hunt Kevin I haven’t yet received your RSVP for the Social Club Car Rally and Treasure Hunt on Sunday.  Everyone else in your section is going, as well as a lot of other people in the building.  Last year’s event was a great […]

The Commute

I love going to work.  Arriving at work is another thing entirely, but the morning journey from home to office leaves me refreshed, inspired and ready to skip merrily through my day. I get the 870 bus at 7am. This is the same bus the National Moron Convention gets, so I’m quite familiar now with […]

My latest exhibition in full.

My latest exhibition “Process” was held at Kurb Gallery in Perth from September 27 to October 3 2014.  This is the show in full. House Sheet